Friday, June 17, 2016

Please Don't Over-Prepare

Every summer a range of emotions hit the ABCJesusLovesMe Facebook Group.  

Excitement. Anxiety. Being overwhelmed. Relief.

Because we have so many new members to the ABCJLM family, these emotions are easily swayed by posts in this group.

Thus, every June, July, and August, I post the same reminders to help encourage all ABCJLM users, thus steadying the emotions that come with beginning something new.  And, I want to share the same reminders on this blog.

It's time for my spiel on preparation.

In creating ABCJLM, my goal was to provide ideas and objectives for busy mommas, grandmothers, and teachers in a manner that would allow them to be intentional with teachable moments and not spent hours planning. Through the Lesson Plans and Workbooks (and the leading of the Holy Spirit), I believe that this goal has been met, and I have heard from many of you who agree.

In the next few weeks, you will see posts in this group for many cute, fun, pinterest-worthy ideas. Your wheels will start turning and the craft juices will flow. If you are like me, you will want to push everything aside and begin because you have found the best idea that will help the children in your care learn.

In this group, you will see organization ideas that are awesome. You will want to get the kids busy so that you can spend many hours getting prepared. You may suddenly find yourself spending a lot of money and time printing off hundreds of worksheets to prepare.

Then there is Pinterest. "Ooo, that would be fun to add. This would help!" you say to yourself. 

Hold the phone...

Pretty soon, you have spent money to save money and you have missed out on hours with your children to be more intentional with your children.

A little backwards, huh?

Listen...I am not against organization. I love seeing the ideas. And if you do not purchase the ABCJLM Lesson Plans and Workbooks, then you will have to do prep work on the front end (please calculate the costs and your time to make sure that you aren't spending more).

I am not against fun charts and cute learning boards. Especially for those who left the education field to stay at home with your kiddos, I get it! It is in your blood.

But understand that the purpose of the ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum is to be intentional in teachable moments. The purpose of ABCJLM is to draw learning from play. As long as you are doing that, you are doing exactly what is needed. If this requires you to do a little it! (I highly encourage the "I am Learning" Objective posters.) If the planning turns into busyness, stop and enjoy those kiddos.

Here's why... This fall my baby goes to Kindergarten and I would do anything to go back and read another book before naptime, laugh at another not-so-funny joke, and spend one more morning helping him cut his pancake. And very soon your children (if they haven't already) will be big kids. The time is fleeting and I don't want you to regret like so many mommas do wasted moments.

So, please continue to post ideas and tips. But if you post, please know that if I feel newer members are feeling like the idea is required to be successful with ABCJLM, I will add a little blurp to the comments to make sure they understand. It's not personal and it's not a judgment. Simply to help steady the emotions.

Now...I am off to grasp hold of the fleeting summer days that we have left! Hugs, family!

Interested in learning more about ABC Jesus Loves Me?  Watch this Tutorial Video.

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