Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Understanding What God Has Called Parents to Do {Parenting "V" Printables}

I'll be honest, many of the sermons and talks that I hear go in...and then they get lost.  It doesn't mean that the information shared wasn't meaningful.  It just didn't stick.  And, I am sure I am not alone.  Most couldn't recall what their pastors spoke on six months ago, let alone two or seven years ago. 

Then there are those messages that you remember where you sat, what you wore, and the people around you.  What you learned is so profound that there is no way you could forget it.

This is how it was when I heard Sandi speak on parenting.  I remember the visual she shared like it was yesterday.  It wasn't anything fancy.  Actually it was two pipecleaners glued to a piece of paper to form a "v." But it was profound in creating my parenting philosophy.

Fast forward 10 years and a few weeks ago I found myself writing a script for the Parenting series on Periscope/YouTube.  What immediately came to mind was the "Parenting V" Sandi shared. 

While I tweaked Sandi's original idea, the response was huge.  So many loved the visuals and have asked for me to share the printables. 

So, I wanted to take today's blog post to share the links with you. Click on the title below each picture to open the printable.


And if the above printables don't make sense, or you need a refresher, I invite you to view the video:  What Has God Called Us as Parents to Do?.

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