Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The ABCJLM 1 Year Curriculum is Now Available

Just in case you haven't heard, the 1 Year Curriculum is now available to view and order, and for churches, preschool, and other businesses to purchase Licenses. 

The excitement thus far has been amazing!  Here are just two of the fun comments that have been posted on Facebook:
  • Soooooooooooo excited!!!!! Love, love, love it already!    Juliana
  • I just looked at several week's lesson plans! So excited!    Elisha
And here are a few of comments posted when asked what aspect of the 1 Year Curriculum that they are most excited about:
  • Spending intentional time each with my little one.  Lauryn
  • Is "everything" an OK answer?  Christina
  • Having that one on one time with my one year old that's special just to her, aside from her big sister.   Sarah
  • Accountability and encouragement to include even my youngest in our activities.  Heather
  • Teaching my son the Scriptures.  Brandi

But...I know that some of you are thinking: A curriculum for a one year old? Really? 

I thought the same thing when families, preschools, and churches began requesting that I add a 1 Year Curriculum to ABC Jesus Loves Me. But after hearing why, I understood the great need that existed.

Many families desire to raise godly children. But, they don't know where to start and how to make the Bible understandable to a toddler. They desire children who obey and love others. But, they don't know how to teach first-time obedience and godly character. They want to prepare their child for elementary school but are unsure what to teach and when to introduce each objective.

Churches and preschools are bombarded with great resources but they desire Bible and academics to be combined into one cost-effective option. They desire a program that is centered around play and imagination, yet gives them structure to allow the child to grow.

The ‪#‎ABCJLM‬ 1 Year Curriculum does all of this.  It introduces the 1-year-old to learning through play. Along with expanding the child's vocabulary with new words and sign-language, the child is introduced to Bible stories and songs. Academically, the 1-year-old is introduced to poems, colors, shapes, and animals. The child is also taught self-care and obedience. A "Book of the Week" introduces the child to some of the best toddler books in print according to ABCJLM users and our family.

ABC Jesus Loves Me empowers parents and teachers to be intentional with the children in their lives. To use teachable moments and play to lay a solid foundation of academics and truth.

What person doesn't desire this for the children whom they love?

And why I created the 1 Year Curriculum.

I invite you to take a look

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