Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Time to ReFocus: Bringing in the New Year

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Everywhere I look people are talking about the new year.  Changes they will make.  Weight they want to lose.  Organization that is going to occur.  They promise that the new year is going to be different.  Healthier.  Better.

But if you are like me, those changes last until January 12th.  Life throws a curve ball, someone gets sick, or a major attack of the lazies hits.  How soon other things take the focus. 

A friend posted the following thought on her Facebook wall, which got me thinking about new year resolutions.

Being vs. Doing
Hearing vs. Listening
Connecting vs. Participating
Knowledge vs. Understanding
Intentional vs. Habitual

This is exactly what I want for the new year.  Instead of promising to change, I desire to ReFocus on what is important.  

The above list highlights so many areas of need. Here are a few that I thought of.
Be in the moment instead of doing the activity to move on to the next. 
Truly hear my children while they speak instead of listening to key words so that I can continue my train of thought too.
Dropping the curtain to be real with people instead of participating in an activity because I have to.
Learning instead of simple understanding enough to get by.
Being intentional with my time (sound familiar?) instead of going through the motions. 
If you are like me, you probably need ReFocusing in all five areas.

But instead of being overwhelmed with all five, pick one.  Actually...take the list to God in prayer and listen to the area of your life He would desire you to ReFocus. 

Then leave a comment on the blog or join us on Facebook for a discussion on specific ideas to help us ReFocus.  And I will be sharing where God leads me as well. 

So many new things are planned for ABC Jesus Loves Me and this blog during 2016.  Join me with the ABCJLM Newsletter on Saturday and on this blog next week as I share all the exciting news!

Happy New Year!

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