Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Can the 5 Year Curriculum be Used for Kindergarten?

We have received so many questions about using the ABC Jesus Loves Me 5 Year Curriculum as a kindergarten curriculum.  So, I asked Alisha and Lisa to share there experiences.  

From Alisha:

As the new school year approaches, many people have been asking whether or not it is a good idea to use the ABCJLM 5 Year Curriculum as a kindergarten curriculum.  I always answer that question with “it depends on your child's needs.”  I am happy to share our journey with you and how it has worked for us.  Please keep in mind, however, that while it might be a good solution for some, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

I have been using the ABC Jesus Loves Me curricula since my oldest son was 2 years old. He has excelled with it, and we have a great time with all that ABCJLM has to offer. When my son turned 5, I felt that he was ready for Kindergarten level. I wasn't sure ABCJLM Year 5 would be enough, so I started exploring other options and looking through countless expensive package curricula. 
I looked through the scope and sequence of each to see what kinds of things they taught at a Kindergarten level.

A friend of mine also recommended a book to me called What Your Child Needs to Know When by Robin Sampson.  The book contains checklists for each grade based on state standards as well as Biblical lessons. I went back to the ABCJLM 5 Year, 36 Week Overview and compared it with the research I had gathered.

I realized there wasn't much difference, if any, between the scope and sequence of the expensive package curricula I had researched and the 5 Year Curriculum. Both included lessons in Bible, Math, Reading, Science, Social Science, and Writing Practice. They also included activities that encourage fine motor skills and gross motor skills as well as visual perception. Based on all of my research, ABCJLM Year 5 included everything that I felt my child needed, and it fit within my very tight budget. I was able to easily gather all of the supplies we needed, and the books that we needed were fairly easy to find at the library.

My child gets bored easily and needs to be challenged, so I decided to add some enrichment in the subjects of reading and math.  Bob Books are a recommended supplement for reading in the 5 Year, so we worked through sets 1-2 and finished up with Set 4 by the end of the year.  My son also asks a lot of questions about the world around him, so I used this as an opportunity to add some extra science lessons and experiments to our week as well.

At age 5, my son has graduated from ABCJLM. After using Years 2-5, I feel that my son has as solid foundation in both the bible as well as academic content. I have given him pre-tests in math and reading, and he passed them all and is ready for 1st Grade. 

ABCJLM 5 Year Curriculum worked great for us as a kindergarten curriculum, and I think it would work for others in the same way.  However, I will stress the fact that every child is different and not all children will be ready for 1st Grade after the 5 Year Curriculum.  Pay close attention to your child's individual needs and be lead by the Lord in your decisions.  May God be with you always and fill you with wisdom.

From Lisa:

First I compared the guidelines for my state to the 5 Year Curriculum.  It stood pretty well to Kindergarten requirements that we have. The only areas that needed more depth were math and phonics.  One idea is that we wrote narrations to go along with the books suggested in the curriculum. We also did extra activities which corresponded with books we really enjoy. For science, we used science kits and activities that went along with science the 5 Year Curriculum already had in place. Then for History I found books that expanded what the 5 Year Curriculum planned.

Thank you ladies for these ideas and recommendations! 

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