Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Give Your Children a Missionary Heart

We travel in a 10 mile radius circle every single day.  Every once in a while we venture out for a vacation and holiday before we quickly jump back into the safety of our little circle. 

But I want more for my kids.

I want them to understand that there is a great big world out there filled with over 7 billion people.  Seven billion people, I might add, that need to know the love of Jesus in a huge way. 

So, I poled my girlfriends asking them how they are giving their children a missionary heart. Together, this is what we came up with.

Choose a Family Missionary

Talk to your church and find out names of missionaries whom your church sponsors.  Choose as a family to love on with letters and prayer.  Many missionaries have prayer card with their picture and monthly newsletters telling you how to pray for them.


Have an International Day

With admiration in her voice, one friend explained that each Friday growing up was International Day.  Her mom shared about different countries around the world and prepared food representing that country.  They even dressed the part to further the learning.  My friend also suggested the book Operation World by Jason Mandryk to provide facts about different places in world. 

While once a week seems overwhelming to me, I would like to start a monthly tradition in our home.  Stay tuned as I hope to blog about our experiences! 

Display Maps in Your Home

For several years lamented maps have decorated our playroom wall - the US and the world.  Amazon has several to choose from.  We use the maps whenever we read about a state or country in a book or the Bible.  Or, when a specific place is mentioned in the news or a conversation. 

Recently a friend introduced to me a fabric map by Weave, a ministry of Mission Mobilization.  I love the Bible verse at the top and the fabric makes it easy to transport and light to hang. Included with the map are additional activities to further learning with the Prayer Map.  You can see more here(More about this specific map in a few.)

A friend suggested putting the map behind a glass frame allowing you to circle different areas of the world with a dry erase marker depending on your focus at the time.
Timezone Clocks

One friend has several clocks hanging in her playroom with the name of a missionary underneath each.  The clock is set to whatever time it is where the missionary is stationed.  This helps them prayer for the activities of each family in relationship to what they may be doing at that time. 

Invite Missionaries Into Your Home

I grew up in a very mission-minded church.  Missionaries from around the world visited on a regular basis. We had them in our homes for meals and I developed friendships with the children.  To this day, whenever I hear about the country of Germany I immediately think of the Davidson family who served in Germany for many years.

Fill a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child 

If you are not familiar with OCC, it is a very fun activity to do with your children.  Fill a shoebox will little gifts and hygiene items to send to children around the world.  Be sure to pray over these boxes and then you can track where they travel online.  Read more... Insider Tips to Packing a Shoebox Filled with Love for Operation Christmas Child

Sponsor a Child

I will admit that I have always been skeptical about programs which promise to help children in third world countries.  But after a visit to a Compassion International sponsored area, our pastor came back very impressed about how funds are used and the children are affected.  He encouraged our entire church body to chose children to sponsor.   Our family chose two little girls from Honduras.  We pray for Melanie and Karen, send letters and birthday gifts.  We love receiving letters from the girls as well.  Our children hope to be able to meet both girls in person when they go on missions trips in high school and college.  Find out more about Compassion International.

Give to Missionaries

Lead by example and support missionaries financially.  Encourage your children to give a percentage of their money to missionaries as well.  Read more about Teaching Children Money Management


To help you give your children a missionary heart, Weave Family has kindly allowed me to give away their fabric Prayer Map ($12). 

Click on the rectangular image below to enter.  This giveaway will end on Monday August 24th @ 12:59 p.m (CST).  Winner will be announced August 25th on this blog.


And if you don't want to wait to win this fabulous resource, you can purchase this map here - http://cmmpress.org/fabric-world-map.html

Now it's your turn. 

How are you giving your child a missionary heart?

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  1. These are great ideas!!

    Growing up, my sister and I used a book to pray for people around the world. I think it is 'You can change the world' by Operation World.

    Our family - my husband, me and our two little kids - pray for one unreached people everyday. We haven't been very consistent, but the prayers have worked, at least in us! God has moved us to involve in international missions, and we are training to become missionaries!!

    1. Sharon - Thank you for sharing. My friend told me there was a child version of Operation World but she couldn't remember the title. I will get this added!

  2. Befriending people from other cultures that live in our city.


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