Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Creating a Little Box of Encouragement to Give to Those Hurting

You get a text or phone call that makes your heart hurt.  A friend you know is struggling and needs some encouragement because of a health issue, interrupted expectations, a situation with her child or husband, or she is just struggling to understand that God loves her.

You want to do more than just say, "Let me know how I can help."  But what can you do beyond pray?

The idea for the Little Box of Encouragement began with a Bible study I was in several years ago. A lady in our group was moving away and would be losing her sole Christian support.  We wanted to give her something to let her know she was loved all while providing her with strength especially until she got settled.

On 3x5 index cards, each of the ladies in our group wrote down their favorite Scriptures.  Those verses that provided wisdom, strength, and encouragement to them.

Then we compiled the cards and placed them in an index card box to present to our friend.  We also included blank cards for her to add verses.  

Since then I have created several additional boxes, both on my own and as a group.  My latest Little Encouragement Box went to a friend who is on bed rest with the pregnancy of their first child.

When Bubs was born, with all of his heart complications, I really struggled to believe God was who He said He is.  Because of that, I wanted this box for my friend to center around the theme of, "What if God is who He says He is?".  Using letter stickers, I added the title "What If?" on the outside of the box.  Then I filled it with Bible verses centered around God's character.

To find these verses, I went to the first section of my Prayer Journal - "God is....".  I copied down several verses that have meant so much to me in the time of grief and growth.  (Read more about creating a Prayer Journal.)

To pretty them up, I added a few stickers from the kids' collection. 

The index card boxes that I purchase typically have dividers in them.  I don't label them but instead I encourage the receiver to divide the verses into sections that make sense for them (i.e. God's Character, God Hears My Prayers, Promises from God). 

So simple.  So powerful.Maybe you are looking at this project and thinking you need one.  Fill it with the verses you need close.  Then when you are struggling go to that section in the box to be refreshed and strengthened. 

Bubs actually asked me to make one similar for him.  I will be sharing this soon!

Make one for yourself.  Give one away. There is power, strength, and encouragement in the Word of God.

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