Monday, April 6, 2015

Discerning God's Will: Your Thoughts and a Giveaway

It's something that God has been laying on my heart a little at a time.  As ABCJLM has expanded I have received more requests.  The problem is that I am not sure what it is supposed to look like.  What is His desire for this tugging?  What steps should I take to move forward?  And in what specific areas does He want me to wait patiently for Him?

The topic of issue, you wonder?  Speaking engagements and conferences.  Does God desire for me to begin meeting and encouraging you, the ABCJLM family, on a face-to-face level?

Last summer my accountability group gleaned wisdom from Priscilla Shirer's book Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God is Speaking.  It had a profound impact on my life on so many levels.  As I ponder the direction God has for this ministry, the Holy Spirit pulls me back to five points from this book.  Priscilla calls them the "Five M's" of correctly hearing God and helping us be more certain that we're accurately discerning His will.

1.  Look for the Message of the Spirit.  (Intentionally listen and pay close attention.)
2.  Search the Model of Scripture for guidance.  (Go to the Word!)
3.  Live in a Mode of Prayer.  (Pray and wait expecting an answer.)
4.  Submit to the Ministry of Eli.  (Samuel sought the godly and mature counsel of Eli.)
5.  Expect the Mercy of confirmation. (God's use of circumstances, Scripture, and other believers.)

And this is exactly what I have been doing!  Seeking, praying, and waiting for God to lead me in the direction that will bring Him glory.

Those of you who have subscribed to the ABCJLM Tips and Tools Newsletter know that I offered a survey for the past two weeks on this very topic.  I sought your counsel!  And as promised, I want to share the results.  (My apology for the date change of this share.)

Is there interest in speaking engagements and conferences?  Yes! At least 185 out of 205 of those who completed the survey were interested.

  • 93% interest in attending a Conference where I would be speaking
  • 87% interest in an ABCJLM Weekend Retreat
  • 91% interest in a Webinar

And almost 80% of you are willing to travel three hours or more to attend a conference or retreat.

Hot Topics
Of the topic choices listed, these were the three favorites.
- Using ABCJLM with Your Children
- Thriving in Motherhood
- Making the Most of Your Quiet Time
To close the survey, I allowed you to share your comments and questions.  Here are the top three.

 Since we are not sure the path God has for this yet, I can't share a cost.  I can say that all prices which we set are prayerfully chosen.

Location?  As some of you know, my family and I live in Arkansas.  Obviously this puts me on the opposite side of the world (literally) from some of you.  This is why I am seriously looking into using the internet to bridge the distance gap.  Of course, if I am asked to speak in your area, I will let you know so you can attend too!

And for those of who you stated in the survey that you are interested in me speaking at your church, Women's Ministry, or other group, check your email as I will be sending you this week more information.  I look forward to hearing back from you! 

Encouragement.  Thank you so much for all your kind words.  Comment after comment expressed excitement, support, and prayers for the ABCJLM ministry and whatever avenue this leads us on.

In appreciation for completing the survey, I chose one random person to receive an ABCJLM Workbook.  And the winner is....

Bethany (email address -                  

Please contact me within 48 hours using the winning email address.  Be sure to include your book choice (Bible Coloring Workbook or Visual Perception Workbook) and your address.

Discerning the voice of God.  Thank you for helping me do just that.  I am excited to see where God leads us. 

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