Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Easter Ideas for Families

Easter is a pretty big deal at ABC Jesus Loves Me.  Honestly, between Christmas (the birth of our Savior) and Easter (the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior) what could be more important?  But Easter is a tough holiday to explain to children.  Between the Easter bunny, loads of candy, and Easter egg hunts, the true meaning can be easily lost.  Don't worry.  To make it easier, I have compiled a list of our favorites from the ABCJLM Easter page. 

Telling the Easter Story:

Resurrection Eggs - There are various forms of Resurrection Eggs available to purchase or make. Each sets contains various items in a varying order leading up to the empty 12th egg.  Expand this activity to 20 Resurrection eggs.
  Miss Patty Cake: Eggstravaganza - Miss Patty Cake discusses the Resurrection Eggs in a section of this DVD. 

Easter Coverpage Sm  

Easter Activity Workbook - Available to all our blog subscribers, this seven day countdown was written to point children to the cross and understand the salvation that comes from it.    


Color Stories - The story of Easter can be told using different colors.  Use jelly beans, a basket of eggs, or make a cake.  This is similar to the Wordless Book.

Tell the Easter story using the book The Tale of Three Trees with a cooking lesson.

A caterpillar changing into a butterfly is a wonderful way to explain the Easter story.   

Easter Recipes

Our children love to cook with us and there are several wonderful recipes just for Easter:  Hot Cross BunsResurrection RollsEaster Story Cookies, or Bird Nest Cookies to name a few.  Several of these recipes are extremely kid-friendly.

Easter Books and Videos 

The ABCJLM website has a list of Easter books and videos but Buck Denver Asks: What's in the Bible? Volume Ten - Jesus is the Good News! is by far our favorite.  This video explains the Easter story better than I have ever seen. 

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Easter Crafts 

Tissue Paper Easter Egg

You could do a craft a day and never do all of the Easter crafts available on the web.  Choose a craft that will supplement what you want your child to understand.  Be sure to choose one that is age appropriate. Beyond the ABCJLM website, see Easter ideas that I have pinned on Pinterest.


Jesus is Alive
There are several Easter printables available to further the learning. 

Lay a Foundation

It may feel that Easter is above the understanding of children.  Even as an adult, I don't grasp the magnitude of what the cross and empty grave actually means to me.  But it is with a child-like faith that God asks us to come to Him.  Doing any of these activities are simply laying a foundation of faith in your child.  And that is "impressing" Jesus on the kiddos in our lives. 

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