Monday, January 5, 2015

Are You Connected?


Can I take a moment to tell you how excited I am about 2015?  Call me crazy but I am pumped to see what God has in store for us.  The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  I know that if our anchor is secure in Him we will look back on 2015 as a time of growth.

I have begun writing the first blog posts of the year and am loving the way the Holy Spirit is leading me.  Tomorrow will begin a new journey.  A journey that I pray you will join me on.  If you haven't joined the almost 3,500 who have subscribed to the blog, be sure to do this so you don't miss any posts.  You can subscribe through email.  This means you will automatically receive the newest posts directly to your email and won't have to go online.  

You may have noticed that we have a plethora of other ways to subscribe, follow, and join ABC Jesus Loves Me, Our Out-of-Sync Life, and me! But how to do you know which ways are best for you? And what is the difference between them?

Let me shed some light on the opportunities available.  Then, you can make sure you are receiving the info you desire.  (This information has been updated!)

ABCJLM Newsletter
A weekly newsletter sharing handy tips, practical tools, and fun ideas to help you be intentional with the little ones in your life. Also receive updates on the exciting changes taking place on the ABCJLM website.

Unique Purpose:  Updates unique to ABC Jesus Loves Me users.

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Subscribe so that all of the post in this blog are sent directly to your email.  Never miss encouraging posts, tips, and ideas that we share.  

Unique Purpose:  Read all our blog posts without having to get on the internet!

Follow and Like: 
  ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Page
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Almost 10,000 people have shared the ABCJLM website by "Liking" our website on Facebook.  That is amazing!  Sharing our website is the greatest compliment that you can give us.   The ABCJLM is constantly changing and updating.  By following the ABCJLM page on Facebook, you will receive updates to the website and the curricula.  So, when I add an idea or update a worksheet, I will share it on this page.  Also, I will announce giveaways and notifications of discounted ABCJLM Lesson Plan and Workbooks.  Last week I shared a $5 giveaway for a 2 Year Workbook.  Did you catch it?

Unique Purpose:  Stay informed on the newest updates and additions to the ABCJLM website.

 Our Out-of-Sync Life Facebook Page
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Similar to the ABCJLM Facebook Page, when you like our blog, you are sharing with others our ministry.  On this page, you will find the most recent blog posts and conversations about each post. Also, I share helpful points that I found here and there on the web.

Unique Purpose:  Read the most recent posts and glean ideas for you, your family, and your home.

 Become Friends with Me {heidi} on Facebook
On my personal Facebook page is where I share tidbits about me and my family.  Being friends with me allows us to get to know each other.  I love my Facebook friends and hope that you will become one!

Unique Purpose:  Opportunity for you and I to sit down and chat over coffee or tea even though we are miles apart.

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Want to find practical ideas for your family, home, and preschoolers in your life?  Follow me on Pinterest!

Unique Purpose:  Find great ideas without having to search for them.

Google+ and Twitter
For those who aren't on Facebook, you can follow my posts on Twitter and Google+. 

 ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group
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This safe and private group allows you to share, ask questions, and find ideas for using the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum in your home, church, or preschool.  Meet over 4300 other moms, grandmothers, and teachers who are eager to come together for a common goal.  We also share ideas for parenting.  This group is incredibly helpful for new and seasoned ABCJLM users.

Unique Purpose:  Glean wisdom from others on how to uniquely use the ABCJLM Curriculum in your home.

SISTERS at ABCJLM Facebook Group
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How I love my SISTERS!  We Support each other in our Christian lives. We Inspire those around us to dig deeper in the Word. We Seek the Lord each morning. We Train each other in what God has taught us. We Encourage our sisters to keep running the race before them. We Rely on each other when we feel weak. And we Serve each other as sisters in the body of Christ.  While this isn't a new group, we recently had to begin anew due some issues with Facebook.  You will still find the same safe, private, and encouraging group.  So, if you were part of the old group and haven't made the switch, please join us at our new link.  

Unique Purpose:  Accountability to encourage us to grow in our personal walk with our Savior.

 ABCJLM Facebook Sub-Groups
Once you have joined the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group, you will be able to join the sub-groups.  Each age curriculum has a sub-group allowing you to discuss other moms, grandmas, and teacher using your same curriculum.  We also have a Swap group allowing you to buy, sell, and trade products for the ABCJLM Curriculum.   These five groups are only offered to those who have joined the main group.

Unique Purpose: To discuss specifics about the curriculum you are using.

Many Options..Unique Purposes

Each follow, subscribe, and group option has its unique purpose.  Many of you have taken advantage of every opportunity and I have loved getting to know you.

If you haven't jumped on board, be sure to!  Many have remarked that they were first drawn to ABCJLM and this blog because of the family feel.  They are amazed at how active our pages and groups are.  We support, share, and encourage each other.  It's what the body of Christ is supposed to do!

How have you connected to the ABCJLM family?


  1. Do you have any Facebook groups that are just to discuss issues surrounding our special needs kids? If so, I would love to join!

    1. Kathryn - That is a great question. While we don't have a group specific to special needs kiddos, this topic is frequently discussed on the ABCJLM Facebook Group. We'd love to have you join us.


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