Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Simple Letter Christmas Craft and Two Winners!

I have wanted to do this craft for a while but just haven't gotten it done.  Yesterday I had a bunch of laundry to do so I set Peanut (age 4) up on the little craft table near me and he went to work.  I couldn't believe how he was able to do this craft almost entirely by himself.  Leaving me to get the laundry done in a flash!

We began by choosing the word.  Since he has been learning about J's in the 3 Year ABCJLM Curriculum and since it is Christmas, I wrote Jesus on a large white sheet of paper.

Then, I gave him scraps of red construction paper to tear.  He loved this part!  

One of the scraps looked like the Letter E.  In the picture above he is pointing to the "head, arm, leg" from the Letter Formation Chant.

Next I ran glue over the letters and instructed him to place the torn pieces on the letters making sure not to overlap them.  He was so proud of his creation!

So, if you find yourself needing to finish up the lost list of the holiday chores, grab a piece of paper, glue, and scraps of construction paper.  It kept Peanut busy for 30 minutes!

One more thing.

We have two random winners from our dōTERRA products giveaway to announce!
 doTERRA Lavender - Sara L.

Sara shared her favorite nature/homemade product.  "My favorite is home made lotion. 3 jars of coconut oil, 1 pound of cocoa butter, 12 ounces of almond oil. Melt the cocoa butter and coconut oil over low heat, then place in the fridge until the mixture is semi-solid. Place the oils in a mixer and whip, as you would when making frosting. Slowly add the almond oil, and keep whipping until your mixture is smooth like whipped butter. You can add essential oils to the whole batch of lotion, or place the lotion in ball canning jars, and make smaller batches of lotions. My favorite combination is lavender, rosemary, and peppermint."

This is what Alissa had to say about her favorite products.  "I LOVE homemade products and am wanting to learn more about these oils! I love cleaning anything and everything with vinegar and baking soda, but my all time fav is a great no streak homemade glass/window cleaner!"

Sounds like we are going to need to do a recipe exchange on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group!

Sara and Alissa please contact me before Thursday night (December 18th) at midnight (CST).  Include your mailing address. 

Thank you to all who entered. And thank you to Lindsay for providing this fun giveaway.  Be sure to contact Lindsay at PureEssentialHealth (at) gmail (dot) com for more products.

Tomorrow I will share the 9th and final Thanks-Giveaway.  And the rumors are true.  I will be giving away ABCJLM Curriculum and Workbooks!!!!   Details tomorrow.

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