Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Envelopes from Hearts

Who knew that you can create an envelope out of a heart?  I was intrigued when I first heard about it.  After a simple Google search, I found that the idea is all over the internet.  I knew that kids would be fascinated too.  So I created a worksheet.  Made pictures for you.  And, added it to the 4 Year Curriculum for tithing and giving back to God.

Print the Heart Envelope printable.  In the above images, I printed on the back of a piece of that we decorated with bubbles and food coloring for the "Bubbling Up" activity for prayer.   Cut out the heart and decorated the back (non-printed side) remembering that the top of the heart will create the bottom of the envelope. 

Follow the directions on the bottom of the page and fold in the non-decorated sides along the dotted lines.  

Fold down the top of the heart to the little black hearts printed on the paper, matching the horizontal line.   Glue the three folded sides together.


 Add tithing money, a Valentine, Christmas card, or a thank you note!


  1. Using this for grandparents day and including a couple pictures of the kids inside. thanks heidi!

  2. I can not find the heart envelope printable so I can print it of 4 year week 5

    1. I am sorry for the error. I have fixed the broken link.


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