Monday, October 6, 2014

God Accepts Me. Do I Accept Me?


Grace Faith.  Peace.  

We want them.  We need them.  But do we understand on a personal level what each word means?  I don't.

I think I came a little closer to understanding when I listened to a Focus on the Family broadcast of the late Pastor Adrian Rogers.  Read with me what Pastor Rogers shared.

God's acceptance of me as a sinner.
My acceptance of God's acceptance of me.

My acceptance of me. 
It's that beautiful?  By the blood of Jesus we are accepted by a perfect God! 

Pastor Rogers went on to share...
When I accept me, I can accept you.
Love is my acceptance of you.
Fellowship is your acceptance of me. 
When I realize who I am in Christ - a sinner forgiven by the blood of the Lamb - then I can share love to others.   True, servant love that doesn't expect anything in return. 

How does the cycle begin?  When I realize that God accepts me.  With all my bad habits, nasty attitude, and broken promises.  I am accepted. 

Say it out loud with me.  I am accepted by the God of the Universe.  

And that is where it begins...

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