Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Explaining the Trinity to Children: Three in One


There are things in the Bible that I can't wrap my brain around. The Trinity is one of them. The understanding that God is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit - Three in One. Here are some ideas of yours and mine to help everyone in your home understand the awesome God we serve! 

Shamrock   Painting Shamrocks
Place a blob of white, yellow, and blue paint on each leaf of Shamrock Printable.  Mix the colors together to make light green; three colors to form one color.  Can also mix three colors of play dough together. Thanks to Heather for this idea.

Water -
Steam, Liquid, Ice - Three forms but all H20.

Egg -
Shell, Yoke, White - Three forms that create an egg.

Thank you Heather for these great ideas below!

"God milk" -
 Pouring milk (representing the Holy Spirit) into a glass (representing the child) and then added yellow food coloring (God the Father) and blue (God the Son). Stir it up and you have 1 God, but with 3 parts.

PretzelTwisty pretzels also have 3 parts to the whole pretzel.

See more Trinity idea and books to further the learning!

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