Friday, September 5, 2014

What is Faith?


She might as well have inserted my name into the sentence.  The sentence was that personal. 

Priscilla Shirer, in her book Discerning the Voice of God, hit my lack of faith on the head. Will I trust God to be God? Will I go to Him first believing He will lead me?

I found this quote by author Phillip Yancey that I must share. 

Faith is "trusting in advance
what will only make sense in reverse."

Like loving arms encircling me, these words remind me of the might God we serve. 

One of my favorite songs right now is "You are God Alone" by Phillips, Craig and Dean. 

You are God alone
From before time began
You were on Your throne
Your are God alone
And right now
In the good times and bad
You are on Your throne
You are God alone

Such powerful words!  This is what faith is.  Believing that the God from before time began is God and He has my best interest first.  Faith is believing He will lead me.  Faith is believing He will be God. 

With what are areas of faith are you struggling?  I'd love to hear so that I can pray for you!

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  1. I struggle with believing that God will provide me us and I dont have to worry and another that I am working on is not worrying about my girls so much and know that God will keep them safe. Christine mama of a 2 yr and 4 yr old girls

    1. Christine - Fear, doubt, lacking faith. It is hard. In those times I cling to Jer 29:11. I pray this verse will bring you comfort too!

  2. Before I read this post, my husband and I were just talking about all the places we have seen the band Phillips, Craig and Dean come up recently! So it was crazy good to see them mentioned in your blog as well! The Craig of the band is our church pastor!

    1. I love so many of the songs Phillips, Craig, and Dean have put out. They have ministered to me in so many ways.

  3. This spoke volumes to my thoughts lately. Do I have enough faith, why do I worry so. Financially we are struggling and I say i have faith but then I worry and fret.

  4. I struggle a lot to remember that God sees me. When I'm having a rough day with the kiddos, I can end up feeling so alone. Often it's not until later (if at all!) that I remember that God was there through it all. I KNOW he loves me, so when I remember that he SEES me too, I realize that everything is fine and I'm on the right path -- even if it was a hard day!


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