Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Backpack Time: Help for Kids with Sensory Issues

Old post that shares a fabulous tip we learned from Occupational Therapy.

Therapists have found that barring weight helps sensory sensitive, ADHD, or Autistic kids. Bubs throws a 5 lb ball 40x at therapy. Some children wear weighted vests or use weighted blankets at night. We use a rice bag across Little Man's waist to help during meal time.  All weight barring modifications to help the child feel deep touch pressure which aids in concentration and focus.

Another suggestion that I received was to have the child carry heavy objects around the house. During our last dip in Bubs behavior, I decided to give it a try. With our Occupational Therapist's blessing, I took one of the kids' backpacks and placed four books inside of it. I placed it on Bubs' back and explained that the backpack was to be worn until I took it off him. 

At first he really fought the minimal weight. But slowly the weight seemed to calm him for the rest of the day he was much more controlled. 

We have used the backpack on Little Man as well.  When I see his "crazy eyes" I know a deterrent is needed or all chaos will break loose.  His eyes tell me that he has been transformed into the Tasmanian Devil  and will soon begin spinning like a vortex terrorizing everything in his path.  With the weighted backpack on, he can calm down and focus.  Soon his eyes stop darting to and fro and he can play quietly.

I continue to be amazed at how carrying weight has helped to bring both boys back under control. If a backpack isn't readily available, I have the boys carry meaningless items throughout a store, our home, or wherever we are.  

Something so simple to help sensory sensitive, ADHD, Autistic kiddos.  

Disclaimer:  Every child is different so please seek professional advise before trying this with your child.  Check for appropriate amount of weight and length of time. 

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  1. Hi,
    I found you through ABC Jesus Loves Me. I'm trying to figure out what we're doing for the next few months until (hopefully) my daughter goes to developmental preschool.

    Meghan has verbal apraxia, a speech disorder, and a bit of a need for additional sensory input. She is very spirited and strong willed. For Meghan, carrying heavy objects and pushing full laundry baskets is fun. She seeks it out...along with lots of thrill seeking, too.

    I look forward to exploring your blog more. God bless!


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