Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Teach Rhyming

Rhyming is a concept which Bubs really struggled.  For some reason rhyming was one of the holes that he had in his learning meaning that he was able to do objectives that required rhyming yet couldn't rhyme.  (Strange but that is the bases for Bubs' entire learning.)  We finally had a turning point after many attempts.  My aunt (who taught 1st grader longer than I have been alive - no lie) gave me some wonderful activities to help.  I wanted to pass them along to you!

~~Using the idea of Introduce-Recognize-Identify, it is easier for the child to recognize a rhyme than create his own.  Bubs' Kindergarten teacher taught him a simple saying to help with this.

________, _________
they both say -______

For example:  Jack, black; they both say -ack

This allowed him to hear the common sound instead of having to create it himself. 

~~ Earobics Step 1 Home Version: Sound Foundations for Reading & Spelling  Earobics: Sound Foundations for Reading & Spelling  A while back I posted about the Earobics computer program.  I truly believe that Earobics was the turning point for Bubs in rhyming words.  I LOVE this program and fully understand why so many schools used to use it. 

~~ Finklehopper Frog Finklehopper Frog - This is a fun story that is filled with rhymes.  An added plus is that this book focuses in on how special each person is - in their own way.  It also talks about people being mean and the emotions surrounding that. 

~~ Sheep in a Jeep Sheep in a Jeep - This is one of the "Books of the Week" in the 3 Year Curriculum.  For more suggestions on teaching a unit on rhyming using this book, click here

~~ The Hungry Thing  The Hungry Thing - This books focuses on nonsense words and rhyming with them.  Very fun.  Also read The Hungry Thing Returns and The Hungry Thing Goes to a Restaurant

~~ Clifford's Fun With Rhymes [VHS] Clifford's Fun with Rhymes - Sadly, my aunt used this VHS tape so much that we weren't able to view all of this.  What we saw was perfect.  Check your local library for a copy as well. 

~~ Hop on Pop (Beginner Books(R))  Hop on Pop- You can't think of rhyming without those silly Dr. Seuss books coming to mind. There's a Wocket in My Pocket! is another favorite around our home. 

What are your favorite rhyming activities and books?

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