Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How Do I Leave a Comment, Subscribe, Sign Up for RSS Feeds, and Download our Ebook


How do I Subscribe to This Blog:

There are two ways to subscribe.

1.  RSS Feed:  Add our blog address ( to your favorite Reader App.

2.  Email:  Click to Subscribe   (Check to make sure your email is typed correctly.  Typos will keep you from receiving you subscription!)

Important Tips:  

~ Check your email!  You will be receiving an email to verify your email address.  Be sure to add "" to your safe senders list. 

If you use GMAIL as your email provider, check the Promotions tab as Gmail separates blog subscriptions into this tab (see image above).  To move the emails from the Promotions to Primary tab, right click on the email and choose "Move Tab" and "Primary."

Please follow these directions verbatim -

If you use HOTMAIL - Add the "From" address you want to receive mailings to your Hotmail Safe List:

    Open your mailbox and click “Options” (upper right hand corner).
    Click the “Junk E-Mail Protection” link.
    Select the “Safe List” link.
    Copy and paste into the dialog box titled “Type an address or domain”.
    Click the “Add” button next to the dialog box.

If the mailing is in your "Junk E-Mail Folder", open the email and click the "Not Junk" button.

You should also check that the mailing's email address is not in your Blocked Senders list.  You can find your Blocked Senders list by following the directions above and going to "Blocked Senders List" instead of "Safe List".  If you see the mailing's from address on this list, select it and click the Remove button. 

Please follow these directions verbatim -

Download the Ebook or Workbooks:

After confirming your emailing address, you will begin receiving posts on Tuesdays on your feed reader or in your email inbox.  At the bottom of each post will contain a link to the ebook(s). Below is an example of what you will see at the bottom of each post in your reader or email.  Click on the blue links!  You then will be directed to a the specific webpage.  You will not find these links anywhere but on the RSS feed through a reader or your email.  (The holiday Workbooks are only available during the coordinating season.)


While I love my Facebook friends, I am unable to provide the link to the ebook through NetworkedBlog form of subscription.  Please add a RSS or email subscription.  I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

Leave a Comment:

If you are not familiar with blogs, you may not be sure how to leave a comment!  Let me walk you through the steps.

1.  At the bottom of each post, click on the words "No Comment" or "___ Comments."  The arrow in the image below shows you where this is.

2.  This will reload the page and take you to a "Post a Comment" box.

3. Enter a comment in the box.
4. Choose how to comment.  If you are unsure, choose "Anonymous" but be sure to leave your name so I know who left the comment.
5.  Click the "Notify me" box if you would like to receive by email others' comments as well as responses from me.
6.  Click "Publish" and you are finished. A message will appear letting you know the comment was received and will be published once approved.  

If you continue to have trouble, try leaving a comment on a different browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.).  

Still have questions?  Contact me and I will be glad to add your comment for you.

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