Monday, August 11, 2014

Helping Boys Learn with Cars

There is something about boys and cars.  I don't understand the fascination.  And, I definitely can't explain why the hoods are left up on cars during a car show.  When I look in, I just see an engine.  But for whatever reason, boys love cars and everything about cars. 

Give a little boy a Hot Wheels car and you will see the obsession begin at an early age.  In my mind, why not use this love to our advantage? 

When Bubs was little I used everything possible to help him learn numbers and letters.  Out of desperation to keep his attention, I grabbed a couple of cars and tractors and placed them on the desk.  Then I laid out a few flashcards and asked Bubs to drive his vehicle over a specific card.  Suddenly he was actively engaged in learning and having fun.  It was the win, win situation! 

The same idea using a parking lot is all over the internet.  It's a great way to work on shapes, numbers, letters, or any academic concept. 

I have created two worksheets so that your child can park cars or tractors without ever realizing he is learning!  And don't forget about the girls.  They can drive their princess cars just as well as the boys with their sport cars.

Shapes Road Worksheet
Number Road Worksheet

Have another idea?  Let me know and I will attempt to make it. 

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  1. My 4yr old boy is left brained and finding ways to keep his attention has proven challenging for me. This car idea is a great one and reminded me of another number learning activity I stumbled onto one day after my husband bought everyone nerf guns. Hanging on the wall was the numbers my son had decorated and learned in the previous weeks, 1-7. While trying to keep him from shooting his sister and out from under my feet as I prepared dinner, I began calling out numbers and he had to shoot them. He LOVED it and it became a common activity in our home. :)


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