Monday, July 14, 2014

Which Option of ABCJLM Curriculum Is Best?


This was asked on our Facebook page:
I am trying to weigh how to order the ABCJLM Curriculum - ordering the books in print or the electronic edition (Kindle).  Is there any difference between the two?
Great question and I will expand a little bit further to answer it. 

The curriculum and worksheets are available in three different forms:  online, electronic edition, and in book form.  Depending on your situation and personality, you will be drawn to one form more than the other. 

Here is how I weigh it: 

1) The online version is free for immediate family use.  But there are hours of time required to print all of the lesson plans and worksheets plus the added high cost in colored ink and paper.  (Read more about the cost and time involved in printing yourself.) 

2)  The Kindle edition allows you to view the lesson plans without having to enter the internet.  This is especially helpful for those who tend to get pulled into surfing the net.  And as an added perk - you can always have the most up-to-date version of the curriculum by simply sharing with me an error that you find.  You can view the worksheets by clicking the link but Kindles are not designed to print so you will need to go online to print the worksheet or order a Workbook.  The Kindle edition is ordered through Amazon and can be used on any Kindle or electronic device (iPhone, iPad, computer) that has the free Kindle app downloaded on it.

3) The Curricula and Worksheets in Book Form is the most hands on way to use the ABCJLM Curriculum.  It is definitely the easiest as well.  Order and in a few days (if you choose Priority Mail) the books are in your hands.  Also, the Curricula books contains daily schedules that are not available online or in the Kindle edition.  Of course the negative is that there is a cost associated with this option.  Personally the book form is my choice because it allows me to organize quickly and make notes as I go. 

Three options.  Which option have you chosen?

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