Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Difference Between Parenting with Anger vs. Love


Today posts the last discussion question for the Shepherding a Child's Heart book club on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group.  I pray that you have found nuggets of wisdom that you can put into practice as you shepherd the little blessings in your life. 

As I think through what I have learned, it can be overwhelming!  Instead of thinking about everything that you need to change, I encourage you to choose one point at a time and focus on it. 

I received this quote in the Love and Logic newsletter.   It sums up several points which we have focuses on during the study:  unholy anger, communication, and love.

Our anger allows kids to blame us for the consequences
of their poor decisions.

Our loving empathy forces them to blame themselves
for these consequences.

This quote turns the focus back on how we handle the situation.

If you are not familiar with Love and Logic, let me share.  In my opinion, it has some of the best parenting/discipline concepts out there.  Matched with Kevin Leman, their ideas are the ones that I continually return to.  I highly encourage you to check out any of their books and read reviews that I have done in the past.  

Books and Reviews:
Love and Logic
Have a New Kid By Friday 
What a Difference a Mom Makes
It's Your Kid Not a Gerbil

To all of those who are finishing the book study with me today, thank you!  I have gleaned so much from your comments. 

To those who haven't finished, continue on.  All discussion questions and comments are still available on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group. 

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