Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Daily Pray for Your Children


Sometimes we don't know how to pray.  Other times we get overwhelmed by the magnitude of all we need to pray for our children.  Below is a daily schedule that I found in my Women's Ministry folder with prayers based upon Scripture.  Print this list to place in a prominent place to remind yourself to pray each day.  Or, add to your prayer journal to pray during your quiet time. 

That they will know Christ as Savior early in life. (Ps. 63:l; II Tim. 3:15)

That they will have a hatred for sin and evil. (Ps. 97:10)

That they would be caught when guilty. (Ps. 119:71)

That they would be protected from the evil one in each area of their lives: spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. (Luke 2:52)

That they will have a responsible attitude in all their interpersonal relationships. (Dan. 6:3)

That they will respect those in authority over them. (Rom. 1 3:1 )

That they will desire the right kinds of friends and be protected from the wrong friends. (Prov. 1:10-11)

That they will be kept from the wrong mate and saved for the right one. (ll Cor. 6:14-17)

That they, as well as those they marry, will be kept pure until marriage. (l Cor. 6:18-20)

That they will learn to totally submit to God and actively resist Satan in all circumstances. (James 4:7)

That they will be wholeheartedly sold out to serving Jesus Christ.  (Rom. 12:1-2)

That they will be hedged in so that they cannot find their way to wrong people or wrong places, and that the wrong people cannot find their way to them. (Hos. 2:6)

That their children and grandchildren will know Christ as Savior and serve Him with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength. (Matt. 22:37-38)

That, when they leave home, it would be with an eternal perspective and Christ-like values and characteristics. (ls. 40:8)

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