Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stop the Car! Lessons Learned on the Road

This is another repost from a few years ago (2009) but an example of grasping the moment and shepherding the heart.

Yesterday on the way home from Occupational Therapy, Bubs and Sweet Pea got into a "no" war. One yells "no" and the other one answers back with a louder "no." Great fun for them but not so much for anyone who has to listen to it.  Bubs usually throws in a "she's not telling the truth" somewhere amongst the argument.

I had had enough and knew we needed to make an example of this episode. So on a lone-traveled rock road, I pulled over.

They continued their volleying of nastiness so I shut off the vehicle, sat, and waited. When the verbal war ceased for a moment, I calmly explained that we would continue our trek home when they were ready to be respectful to each other.  We discussed how their words to each other were not loving or kind.  And, they were not honoring to Mommy or their baby brother since it hurt our ears. 

They could let me know they were ready to use their words kindly and respectfully by saying "Yes, ma'ma." Sweet Pea immediately said "Yes, Ma'ma." Bubs didn't budge.

I started thinking that we might be in for a long stay but Sweet Pea started in on her brother to say it so that we could go home. Nothing like a little peer pressure. Not long after, Bubs surrendered and we started for home.

Sure thankful for those times when we don't have to hurry home so that we can hold lesson time in the car!

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