Thursday, May 22, 2014

Money Management and Behavior System for Children: Cashing It In


So far I have shared what the Quarter Coaching Program is, how it works, an example, and how to coach your child through it. 

Today I want to share the list of ways that our children can cash in their money.  These are ideas that we came up with together.  Some have been used a lot where others haven't been a big incentive.

15 minutes Wii, TV, or Computer Time - $0.25
Drink or Dessert at a restaurant - $2.00
Upgrade to a Kid's Meal - $2.00
Fast Food Restaurant Date with Mommy or Daddy - $2.00
Stay up 15 minutes late - $0.25
Mommy or Daddy do a chore - $0.50

Of course the kids can also spend their money outright on toys, books, or games.  Typically they burn through it pretty quickly and never accumulate enough for the large things. 

The Quarter Coaching Program does allow us an out when our children ask for a new [blank].  We either tell them to but it on their birthday wish list or save to purchase it themselves.  This removes the haggling when at Walmart.

I want to add that our kids have a love/hate relationship with this program.  The love it when it works in their favor.  They vocally hate it when repercussions occur.  I remember the first time that Bubs threw a fit and exclaimed his hate for the "quarters."  My husband looked at me and said, "You must be doing something right."

Tomorrow I will share the last portion of this program - what I call - Collecting.  You won't want to miss the Pinterest phenomenon that has been around for generations.  Then on Monday, I will be answering your questions so don't forget to leave a comment for me!

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