Monday, May 19, 2014

Money Management and Behavior System for Children


I have been like an octopus reaching in every direction for something that would work.  Considering that I was seeking an idea to cover three different avenues of parenting, it's no wonder that it took so long to find what I was looking for. 

I wanted something that would teach our children financial wisdom.  I needed something that rewarded good behavior and gave a natural consequence for poor behavior.  Last, I desired a plan that would teach responsibility.  Tall order to fill!

After many failed attempts and much tweaking, it finally came together.  I call it the Quarter Coaching Program.

Think of it as a Behavior-Budget-Contribution reward program.  I am very thankful to say that after six months of use, it is doing exactly what I prayed it would and I couldn't be more excited about the training that is occurring because of it. 

This will be a week-long series so let's break it down and then I will show you how it works.

What is the Quarter Coaching Program?


We desire to raise children who bring glory to God.  Two aspects of this is obedience with a willing heart and respect for others.  When this does not occur, money is taken from the kids' spending bank in the Quarter Coaching Program. Going above and beyond provides extra money for incentive.


If you are Dave Ramsey fan, are familiar with Mary Hunt's Raising Financially Confident Kids, or have read many parenting books, you know the importance of teaching your child money management.  I couldn't agree more.  The Quarter Coaching Program teaches the child to give to God from his first fruits, save 50%, and budget 40% for spending.  Secondly, the child must learn to spend money wisely because when it is gone, it's gone!  It doesn't matter if an amazing opportunity arises, if no money is available the object will not be purchased.


Whether you use the word chores, contributions, or expectations, the point is for the child to learn responsibility, how to care for her belongings, and to carry her weight around the house.  The Quarter Coaching Program assumes that the child will do specific activities every day or by the end of the week.  Contributions could be making the bed, emptying the dishwasher, or feeding a pet.  These activities are done because the child is part of a family that works together. 

Three areas of focus, all covered by one Money Management/Behavior System.

How does the Quarter Coaching Program Work?

I purchased a small, 3-Drawer, storage container for each child. On the top drawer I wrote "God 10%."  Middle drawer, "Save 50%." And, on the bottom drawer "Spend 40%."  (as pictured above)

On Sunday (payday) each child receives $4.00 in quarters.  Using the three-drawer containers the child divides the money by percentage.

50 cents to God - (roughly 10%) - placed in top drawer
$2.00 to Savings - (50%) - placed in middle drawer
$1.50 to Spending (roughly 40%) - six quarters placed in a small container on the kitchen counter

The money to God will be given in the church offering.  The savings money will go to the bank where each child has a child account.  The money inside these two drawers is non-negotiable and can not be used for anything other than what is specified.  On payday we discuss how God gets our first fruit and they are saving for college, their first car, etc with the second amount. 

The children have a week to keep, lose, or add to their six spending quarters.  They keep them by doing their contributions and having God honoring behavior. They lose the quarters with poor behavior or lack of obedience.  Quarters are added with exceptional behavior or doing additional work for Mommy or Daddy.

If at anytime a child doesn't come when called, is fighting or arguing, or isn't doing as told, the child will be told to bring me a quarter.  This quarter will come out of her container on the kitchen counter.
At the end of the week (payday), any money left over in the child's container goes directly to her spending drawer and the child is given another $4.00 worth of quarters to begin a new week. 

The child is free to spend his spending money as he pleases.  We have a list on the refrigerator of items he can purchase with his money.

What I have shared today is the basis for our Quarter Coaching Program.  Join us tomorrow as I share more about this winning program!  And on Monday of next week, I will be answering your questions so be sure to leave a comment!


  1. Great idea. At which age do you start this? My youngest will just be turning 3, she is very understanding but don't think she will get it. Is there something else you do for that age ? Thanka.

    1. Great Question, Michele. I have added this to Monday's Q/A session. Our youngest is also 3 so I will explain how we use it with him.


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