Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Will You Please Take a Moment to Read This?


You know that feeling when you read something that rocks your core?  Suddenly you see an area of your life with new eyes.

That is how I felt after I read last week's Good Morning Girls' post.  It truly rocked my world. 

I saw sacrifice in a whole new way. 
                 My eyes were opened to the significance of the Lord's supper. 
     Easter took on a new meaning.  
            And...the Holy Spirit added a new layer of how and why we are to love others(Even the tough-to-love ones.)
Please take the moment to read with me this post and ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes.  You won't regret the few minutes it takes. 
“I’m sorry, this momma is done for the night.”  
I had had it.  
I was done with a capital D.  So much so that I even let the words slip out of my mouth in frustration to one of my kids.
It had been one of those weeks. One very sick little girl had spent three full nights awake with a high fever, who was kept company by a brother who kept waking up claiming that he “just couldn’t sleep” (which I’m sure was legit, but oh.my.goodness).  Another was seriously trying my patience in the obedience department, and the fourth sweet child just wanted me to listen for hours on end to the long list of inventions (mostly involving jet propulsion and duct tape) that had been forming in that brain of his that never stops.
Click to continue reading...When You're Just Plain Tired of the Sacrifice  (This articles is no longer available.

Be sure to come back and leave a comment as I can't wait to hear how the Holy Spirit opens your eyes.

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