Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is it Heavenly Widsom or Earthly Wisdom?

My husband and I have been seeking for quite some time wisdom about a certain aspect for our lives.  But, I am often left wondering if we have received wisdom from God or wisdom that makes sense according to current culture. 

What is the difference? 

I found an outline in my Women's Ministry folder that looks at James 3:13-18 for the answer to this question. 

Heavenly Wisdom
  1. It is humble, modest, and helps one understand true position in Christ.
  2. It is utterly pure, clean, most holy, perfect, and undefiled.
  3. It loves peace and freedom from contention, disturbance, and war.
  4. It is considerate, gentle, and courteous.
  5. It is submissive, open to yielding to reason, and is approachable.
  6. It is full of mercy and compassion.
  7. It is full of good fruit and rich in kind deeds.
  8. It is impartial, free of prejudice, with no breath of favoritism.
  9. It is sincere, whole-hearted, and straight forward.
  10. It is free from doubts and wavering.

Earthly Wisdom
  1. It is superficial - not going deeper than the surface.
  2. It demonstrates bitter envy and jealousy.
  3. It demonstrates selfish ambition, desire for power, honor, and fame.
  4. It denies and defies the truth by its actions.
  5. It is earth-bound, worldly, not spiritual, godless.
  6. It is sensual, distinct from the mind, not intellectual or spiritual, and is given to the pleasures of sense.
  7. It is demonic, of the devil and deceptive.
  8. It brings disorder, disharmony, rebellion, confusion, and unrest.
  9. It brings evil practice of every kind.
Reading it this way makes it seem so obvious!

What kind of wisdom are you receiving?

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