Thursday, April 10, 2014

Free Download of Dave Ramsey's eBook "Complete Guide to Money"


I friend shared this free download of Dave Ramsey's 366-page ebook entitled Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money.

Here is the info: 
If you’re looking for practical information to answer all your “How?” “What?” and “Why?” questions about money, this book is for you. In over 300 pages, Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave’s money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt, and invest. You’ll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most important element of all—giving. This is also the handbook for Dave's 9-week class, Financial Peace University.
My husband and I went through Financial Peace University a few years ago.  If you are unsure how to create a budget, get rid of debt, and plan for the future, this book will layout the plan of success.  I have more than one set of friends who implemented the program and moved their bank accounts from red to black.  It works!

If you have wondered what the Dave Ramsey craze is or have a desire to get out of debt, take a moment and click here to get your copy in ebook or PDF form.The site does not share how long this offer will be available so don't wait to download your copy. 

For more information read the reviews on Amazon: Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University

Please note that there is a suggested $7 tip to when downloading this ebook. 

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! My husband and I have also gone through Financial From Nicole C: Peace University and Life Leadership's Financial Fitness. I believe the Financial Fitness is a better holistic program. While there is a fee for the materials, they also offer a 30 day no questions return policy. This program goes not only into the defense of finances like Ramsey, but also into the offense and playing field! You cannot beat this complete approach to getting your finances into shape! Check it out and let me know what works for your family!


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