Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book Study: Ready, Set....

Last week I invited you to an online book study of Tedd Tripp's book Shepherding a Child's Heart.  So many of your shared your excitement to join.  As a precursor, on Monday, I shared ideas to help you prepare your heart for the study.  I hope that you have found the time to do each of them. 

Today I want to share the overall plan and lay down some simple ground rules.

Tomorrow we will begin discussion on the Preface and Introduction.  Then each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will begin discussion on a new chapter.  (So, have the chapter read before the discussion date.) 

May 1st/2nd - Preface and Introduction  (More time will be allotted for you to read these two sections)
May 5th - Chapter 1
May 7th - Chapter 2
May 9th - Chapter 3
May 12 - Chapter 4

...I think you get the picture.

On the morning of each of these dates, I will introduce on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group the chapter with a question or thought to discuss.  Then everyone can comment.  Always feel free to add your own questions as well.  If you have a concern, be sure to PM or email me. 

Now for the rules.

1.  Listen to all that the author says and let's not nitpick single words. 
I find that this is an area where the enemy tries to bring me down.  Let's be very careful to read the whole concept so not to fall into word wars. 

2.  Respect others' thoughts, feelings, and convictions.
This is a no brainer but parenting topics can be very controversial and we all need to be careful.

3.  If you get behind, don't worry. 
Just scroll on Facebook to the chapter's discussion which you are reading and add to the comments. 

I think that is all for now.  Looking forward to gleaning parenting wisdom with all of you!

Next:  Book Study - Ready, Set Go!

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