Friday, April 25, 2014

Are You Teaching Your Daughter How to Care for God's Creation?

The title "Nature Girl: A Guide to Caring for God's Creation" came across my email and I was intrigued. 

From Amazon:
Love God, Love the Planet As you become an expert in all things green, Nature Girl offers fun ways to care for God’s creations while enjoying the wonders of nature! With activities, recipes, science experiments, and much more, you can discover how to create recycled jewelry, plan a spa day with friends, make your own earth-friendly skin care products, or team up to clean a park or a neighbor’s yard. Each chapter covers different topics, like water, air, energy, and recycling, and includes crafts, Scripture, games, quizzes, interviews with experts, and quotes from real girls like you. From the itty-bitty flowers at your feet to the air high above your head, discover how you can make a difference for our planet.

There are many, many nature-boy books but not a lot of books available to help girls understand the amazing creation God made for them and the role they can play in caring for it. 

Each chapter focuses on a different topic like "water, air, energy, and recycling, and includes crafts, Scripture, games, quizzes, interview with experts, and quotes from real girls."  The first chapter focuses on being who God created and being beautiful.  Included are ideas for a Spa-Day, recipes for facials and foot creams.  The authors share how to take care of your skin and what ingredients to avoid.  This leads directly into the second chapter that discusses how to eat healthy.  Included are healthy recipes.  Each chapter ends with a quiz to check for understanding. 

Bible verses are included throughout the chapters but sometimes I don't easily see the correlation between the verse and the topic at hand.  This was disappointing.

Sweet Pea and I enjoyed reviewing the book.  It is definitely written for young girls with the use of  common teenage slang (i.e. What?, BFF).  The recipes look very fun and could be a great mother-daughter date activity. 

Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review this book.

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