Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Bible for Young Women

Sweet Pea was so excited when I shared this new Bible with her.  As she is improving in her reading skills, she is desiring to have a "real" Bible to call her own. 

Young Women of Faith Bible is a brand new study Bible from Zondervan just for young girls.  It is a Bible that is "designed to encourage [the young woman] to develop a habit of studying God's Word.  The Bible will help the reader "discover how relevant the Bible can be to [the reader's] everyday life."

Love this!  Isn't that just want I want Sweet Pea to have?  For her to develop a habit of studying God's Word and to understand how precious the Word is to her every situation in her life.

Each book of the Bible begins with an introduction explaining who wrote the book, where, when, why.  It also includes a list of favorite Bible stories to help the young girl find them in her Bible.  (I could use that!)

Next are the Weekly Bible studies.  What sets these apart from other Bibles is that they coincide with the Women of Faith Study Bible so that moms and daughters can study God's Word together.  (How cool is that!)  These studies are scattered throughout the Bible.

As a typical study Bible, side notes are included on most pages to explain the tough-to-understand Scriptures.  Again, using a butterfly icon, many of the notes are linked to the Women of Faith Study Bible. Statements of faith and foundational beliefs are highlighted as side notes along with Memory Challenge verses.  Also included are journaling places to write thoughts, questions, and take notes.  Each journaling section begins with a few sentences to help get the young woman started.

While Young Women of Faith Bible is too advanced for Sweet Pea (age 7), she is knocking on the door for when this Bible will be perfect for her.  Right now, we are going to run with her excitement and spend time reading through her favorite passages and looking up new ones.  She is never too young to develop a habit of studying God's Word and understanding how relevant it is to her everyday life. 

I don't own the Women of Faith Study Bible but because of the Young Women of Faith Bible and the relationship between the two it is something I am looking into.

Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review this Bible.

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