Thursday, April 10, 2014

3 Books, 3 Reviews

Today I am going to share with you 3 new books that have just been released from Zonderkidz.  If you love Karen Kingsbury or Veggie Tales, you may want to check these books out!

Whatever You Grow Up to Be
When I received this book, I was sure that I had already reviewed it.  But when I did a search, it came up empty.  As I began reading the book I realized that this is the boy version of the books Always Daddy's Princess which I reviewed in July.

Similar to the princess book, Whatever You Grow Up to Be takes the reader through the life cycle of a son.  From his own birth and childhood to having his own son and fatherhood.  The reader also sees the move from motherhood to being a doting grandmother.  The mother experiences the joy of playing "castle," football games, and band practice with her son.  At the end the son is married and has a precious son.  Each set of pages is covered with rhyming lines and verses.

What I like about this book is that page after page ends with the phrase "if that is what you grow up to be."  Reading this book opens up a wonderful conversation of following God's will.  It is also a reminder that God has plans for your child and it might not match up with what our dreams are.  But that is okay because it is wonderful to watch and see God's plans unfold. 

All Is Fair When We Share
Larry and Bob must solve the mystery of a lost toy.  Percy and Pea are not sharing toys and playing fair.  Larry and Bob's amazing detective skills help the peas understand that "When you don't share, everything gets broken.  Even friendships."

Larry Makes a Choice
Larry and the gang were told to go over the mountain for the cattle drive but the others want to take the shortcut and go through the canyon.  Because he doesn't want to be made fun of, Larry goes along with the rest but realizes he must make a choice:  continue with the crowd or obey.  

Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review these books.

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