Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is This Your Goal?


What is your goal?  I mean, what - if you did it - would give you a bull's eye.  You'd be right where you want to be.

Eat better?  Exercise more?

Yell less?  Be more intentional?  Some days, my goal is to make it to bedtime without losing all sense of dignity!

It dawned on me that goals aren't just for me.  God has a goal for me to know and believe Him. 

One of our pastors shared the following four desires that God has to us. 
  • To glorify God.
  • To find satisfaction in God.
  • To experience God’s peace.
  • To enjoy God’s presence.
As we begin a weekend, let's turn these points into questions.
  • How are we glorifying God? 
  • Are we finding satisfaction in God or things?
  • Have we experienced God's peace? 
  • Are we enjoying God's presence each morning and throughout the day?

Are we meeting God's goal for our lives?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Great post. Good is good :)


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