Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am Sick. How Sick Are You?


One of the RSS feeds that I receive is from  Three times a week I receive their blog posts in my email. 

Last week's devo contained a list of "Symptoms of Spiritual Sickness" and ideas to combat the illnesses.  Here are the ten sicknesses:
1. A feeling of coldness or hardness towards the things of God
2. Boredom with the gospel
3. Worldly-mindedness, covetousness
4. Prayerlessness
5. Neglect of the word of God
6. Lack of love for the people of God
7. Neglect of, or disinterest in, corporate worship
8. Lack of hunger for and effort in spiritual growth
9. An ongoing complaining spirit
10. We are no longer bothered or saddened by our sin
Thinking back, I can see each of these symptoms throughout my Christian walk. Many times I didn't even realize I was sick.

But, then I move to the present.  Which symptom is currently making me spiritually sick?

If you read this blog much you know that I am struggling with #6 - loving those who are tough to love.  This is a heart issue.  But a complaining spirit can easily become an "cut on my finger" or "sore throat" in my life.  

What is your sickness?  

Is it a fever of boredom?  Does it test positive for the flu-of-neglect?  Are you in need of a triple-bypass from feeling cold and hard toward God?

Whatever it symptom that you are feeling, go to the Doctor.  Don't wait it out and hope it goes away.  Get the healing that you need right now. 

The great thing about this Doctor is that there is He is open 24/7, there is never a wait, and He always has a cure.

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