Friday, February 21, 2014

Wisdom on Marriage According to Ruth Graham

In a couple of months we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.  It is hard to believe, sixteen years!  This is a true testament of God.

I look at the picture above and I think back to what I was thinking on our wedding day.  I can just giggle at what I thought marriage would be.  Let's just say that a few many of my thoughts were a little - very far - off the spectrum of reality. 

Each year has gotten better and I am so thankful that we have never stopped fighting to make our marriage work.  But this doesn't mean that my husband - nor I - am perfect.  There are things that I would like to change in my husband and vice versa. 

Sometimes I thing that in order for my husband to change, I must help the process along.  Kind of like, the Holy Spirit needs my help! 

I read this quote from Ruth Graham, the wife of evangelist Billy Graham, on this subject. 
Tell your husband the positive and God the negative. 
So much wisdom. 

Mrs. Graham is not telling wives to put up a facade and stop being honest with their husbands.  She is just reminding us to let the Holy Spirit do His job. 

Don't be rain drops in your husband's life and cause him to wish he lived on the corner of a housetop!  Yes, this is biblical - Proverbs 27:15 and 21:9.

Going back to yesterday's post of "10 Tips for a Successful Marriage," Mrs. Graham's quote combines several of the tips. 
    - patience
    - focus on yourself more than your spouse
    - men need encouragement
    - words of affirmation is every man's love language

What great reminders! 

So, what do you need to stop telling your husband and instead tell God?
What positive things is your husband doing that you are neglecting to tell him?

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