Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Books That Promote Activity, Laughter, and Fun

Taking a break from our "Impressing Jesus on Them" series to share three books that you need to have in your home library.  They are so much fun that you will read them over and over and over.  While reading you will be laughing with your child as he or she tries to follow the directions of these three books.  (These books make for great home videos!)   

All will introduce your child to new vocabulary while working on listening and gross motor skills.  Toddler-aged children also learn where various parts of their body are located and movements animals make.  Fun for the whole family. 

Alisha shared this book to me through a message on FacebookDown by the Cool of the Pool is super fun!  The animals come down to the pool and all have their own dance.  "The Frog cries, 'Wheeeeee!'  Can you dance like me?"  Flap, prance, and stomp through this very fun book.


We were introduce to Barnyard Dance! by some of my piano students.  Immediately we were addicted to this fabulous book by Sandra Boynton.  Just writing this blog post brings the lines to my mind.  "Stomp your feet, clap your hands.  Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!"  With engaging lines, the child and adult will wish to stand up and do the Barnyard Dance.  This five-star book is on the 3 Year Book of the Week list and is used in the Week 5 Lesson Plan.

Clap Your Hands is the third action book that we enjoy.  Very similar to Barnyard Dance!, this book has more actions including "give me a kiss," "I'll tickle you," and "do a somersault."  Lorinda Cauley created this book to be so much fun and perfect for any read aloud! 

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