Friday, January 17, 2014

New Series: Impressing Jesus on Them


Remember these sentences from my blog post last week?
Her slumped shoulders and darkened eyes said it all.  I have seen it so many times.  At church... at restaurants...  at the park...  at Walmart. 

I have seen the same image in the mirror before. 

Her Facebook posts and Tweets bleed of pain and frustration.  A cry of help begging someone to give guidance and relief.  I envision her typing as tears quietly flow down her checks. 

These are the figures of mommas who are absolutely, positively overwhelmed and exhausted. 

It is amazing how many times since typing the words that I have seen this same image.  Women at the end of their ropes, desperate for a thread of hope to be lowered down to them. 

First and foremost, moms can not pour what we don't have.  We must begin everyday at the Savior's feet digging in the Word and in prayer to fill up our pitchers!  If you are not doing this, I can't encourage you enough to read my ebook, "A Quiet Time, Worth the Time" and join our SISTERS Facebook group for accountability and encouragement. 

Secondly, I want to help you develop a toolbox of ideas that you can use with the children in your life.  Ideas for discipline, training, using teachable moments, finding joy in the journey, etc.  So, Monday will begin a several week-long series on parenting entitled "Impressing Jesus on Them."  I will share personal failures and lessons learned as well as success stories that God has given us along the way.  It's a series that is heavy on my heart and I pray will bless you.

Even if you aren't a parent, you probably have children in your life through nieces, nephews, church, or neighborhood children.  Whatever the connection, we are called to impress Jesus on each one of them.  So I am prayerful that every one of you will find tidbits to help in your situation!

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Then share this post with your friends.  Make sure they are building a toolbox along with you. 

Friends, I am excited to see what God is going to teach us. 

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