Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fun Books: Library Mouse

Over Christmas break, the three littles and I went to the library while Bubs was at therapy.  Sweet Pea (1st Grade) had several books she wanted to find for us to read as they were favorites of her's from school.  She specifically wanted to find a book about a mouse who lives in a library.  It didn't take much research to figure out she was looking for Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk. 

Sam is a mouse who lives in a hole in the wall in the children's reference section of the library.  With a drive to learn, Sam loves to read and explore the information books provide.  He also likes to write and illustrate books which he leaves for the librarian and children to enjoy each day.  Invited to be the library's "mystery reader," Sam helps the children understand that there is an author in each of us. 

We read three other books in this series including Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale, Library Mouse: A World to Explore, and Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure.
In these books, Sam helps a boy write a book and makes friends with a fellow mouse named Sarah. 

There are several reasons why I enjoyed these books.  First, I appreciate how they books foster a love for writing in a journal or creating books and illustrations.  The character of Sam encourages children to dive into writing.  Secondly, I enjoyed watching and listening to my children's oo's and ah's as I read.  They were drawn to the stories.  Last, I appreciate how the illustrations include several classic book covers on the library shelves which my children recognize.  There we also several titles that I had heard of but have not yet read.  We plan to look them up the next time we head to the library. 

While in the "K" section looking for other books by this author, we realized that another Mr. Kirk lived in this section.  David Kirk is the author of our beloved Miss Spider books.  After a little digging I discovered that Daniel and David Kirk are brothers.  Guess they both love small animals!

We love finding great books!  I encourage you to pick these up. 

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