Friday, January 10, 2014

Creation Children's Book


Let There Be Light is the newest book written by the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Reintroducing children to Creation, this book tells the Bible story in a new and personal way

"In the beginning,
God's love bubbling over
when there was nothing
else - no tress, no birds,
no animals, no sky, no sea  -
only darkness.  Out of this
love, God spoke.

Mr. Tutu has an amazing way of making a well known story come to life.  He brings our specific points of creation that typically get passed by.  For example, "Now God decided to make the world even more dazzling, with tall trees and long grass.  And then the first flower opened in all its glory."

That imagery gives me goose-bumps.  The first flower!

He compare stars to sparkling diamonds.  Discusses how the fish swim and splash.  The words and illustrations show how cats and mice play together.  "And suddenly the world was a very noisy place."

Then God created people.  And He "clapped his hands together in delight."

Disappointment is in the illustrations.  As the author is explaining the 6th Day of Creation when God made Adam, illustrated are seven children.  The final day illustrates a child riding an animal.  Sadly, children were never in the garden of Eden.  Sin never allowed children to see the amazing place.  I do not believe this is Biblical and thus was saddened to see this in the illustrations. 

What children's books have you found that help tell the Biblical story of Creation?

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