Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Challenge for Change: Personal Application


We began on Tuesday by "Diving" into the Scriptures. Yesterday I shared how "Drawing" the key words has brought depth to the Bible verses. Today I will share how I dig in for personal application and discuss what I learned.

To begin, let me take you through the whole process using my prayer journal as an example. 

Step 1:  Dive in
I read Ephesians 1:1-6 and chose verses 3-6 as my key verses.

Step 2:  Drawing to Discover
In the image below, I drew the first verse using boxes, a cross, and a cloud. 

I broke the next two verses into an outline using more drawings (i.e.the world, eyes, arrows, hearts, wavy lines).

Falon shared on our SISTERS Group that she adds colors to her drawing.  Love the idea.

Step 3:  Dig Deep

To dig deeper, I look for a point of application. This is where the verse becomes personal and is applied to a situation in my life. 

These specific verses were reminders of how God loves us.  How precious we are in His eyes.  A chance to bathe in the fact that we are His precious princes and princesses!

Oh friends, how I need to be reminded of what I so frequently forget.

Step 4: Discuss

And this leads us right into the fourth step.

By definition, to discuss, is to have a two-way conversation - which is exactly what prayer is. This is when I close my Bible and have an honest discussion with my Daddy discussing what the Holy Spirit pointed out to me during the first three steps. I discuss what is weighing on your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. This is also the time to go through me prayer journal as discussed in my ebook. On days that my focus is struggling, I write out my prayer in my journal.

Now time for some transparency. 

I really struggle with this step. Prayer is hard for me. Really hard. 

I don't fully grasp the power nor do I possess an understanding of how it works. With my mommy-Type A brain I struggle with focus. Being still takes a miracles only the Holy Spirit could perform. And the enemy knows this. He tries to convince me that I am not good at praying, don't have time to pray, or that God doesn't care. But these are all lies.

I am prayerful that with time I will be able to share the same joy of pray that I am growing to have for the Scriptures.  But I know that this will only come from doing and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead.

Having a quiet time is personal.  Your process may or may not look like mine but I pray that you can glean ideas from what the Holy Spirit has taught me.  More importantly, I pray that you will share with the rest of us what God is teaching us.  And I pray that all of us will have an willing heart to start - even if it appears to be small - and praise God for the growth.

For Day 2 of the Challenge of Change, please share on the SISTERS group in Facebook or by leaving a comment below ideas or questions that you have concerning the "Drawing Deep" process.

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