Thursday, December 12, 2013

Make Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper with Your Child

One of the activities in the 2 Year Preschool Curriculum is to make homemade wrapping paper.  It makes adorable presents and allows the kiddos to be involved in the gift giving process.  Plus there is virtually no cost and is teaches recycling!

Whenever I receive a package in the mail that is stuffed with brown paper, I smooth out the paper and place it with our art supplies.  Lately, I have been keeping it especially to make homemade wrapping paper.   Brown paper grocery sacks, butcher paper, or easel paper would also work.  You can even purchase brown wrapping paper

Today we grabbed the crayons, paints, brushes, and stamps to add a personal touch to the presents under the tree.  As he painted, Peanut stated that his wrapping paper was for Papa.  The kids really enjoyed it and will continue to point out the wrapping paper that they made. 

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