Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Activities for a Group of Kiddos

Do you have a group of children to entertain this holiday season?  Maybe at your house or at the grandparents?

Whenever we get together with family or friends, there are many littles who need just a little direction or mayhem erupts.  Last Christmas I set out ice cream cones and left over Halloween candy to make Cone Christmas Trees.  The kids loved it.  

This year, I am printing off several of the Christmas Tree Posters.  Then I am gathering sequins, pompoms, glitter, crayons, glue, and other decorating supplies for the kids to decorate their own Christmas trees posters. 

The great thing about the paper Christmas tree vs the frosting and candy trees is that the mess is much less! 

These are just two ideas to keep the kiddos occupied but there are many more Christmas Ideas on the ABCJLM Preschool Curriculum website.  Pick one, gather the supplies, and keep the kiddos out of trouble during the Christmas festivities. 

What do you do with the kiddos while the adults watch football, take naps, or play games?

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