Friday, November 29, 2013

What's In the Bible? Black Friday Coupon Code

A few weeks ago, I traveled five hours home for my Grandma's funeral. For part of the trip I allowed the boys to watch a video. Want to know what video they choose to watch over all other?   What's in the Bible? - Jesus is the Good News!.  

I have tooted Phil Vischer's horn many times on this blog.  And if you have watched the What's in the Bible? series, you understand why.  Last year we gave the entire set of videos to our nephews for Christmas.  Yes, we believe in the message that much. 

From today until Monday, What's in the Bible website is holding a 20% off sale for orders over $30.  Plus there is free shipping within the US. through Cyber Monday - all What's in the Bible? DVDs are $11.99 on! (And get free shipping with Amazon Prime!)

If you have a child on your Christmas list or if grandparents are begging for a Christmas list, make sure that you forward them the link to this post.  If you are like us, you will never regret the money you spend on these videos. 

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