Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good, Clean Entertainment: Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

My parents love to watch Hallmark movies.  Yes, the story lines consist of about four different plots and the acting leaves a little bit desired.  But do you know the draw that my parents and millions of other American's have?  Almost every Hallmark movie is clean and family-friendly. 

And for our family that is a huge deal. 

I was excited when I was asked to review an original PAX network TV show called Sue Thomas:  F.B.Eye.  I was promised that it was "one of those shows that is great to enjoy with older kids because it has a fun, compelling storyline while remaining clean and family-friendly."

As we are quickly saying goodbye to the Baby Einstein period of life and looking for deeper plots, I was interested. 

Because this show is geared toward older children and adults, instead of watching with my own kiddos, I took the videos home to share with my parents and to get their thoughts.

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The 5 Volumes of DVD's would make great gifts for grandparents, families, or adults who desire wholesome entertainment.  The videos can be found on Amazon or on    


Has your family enjoyed Sue Thomas:  F.B.Eye?

Thank you to for allowing me to review these videos.


  1. My hubby and I caught this show one random day being aired on TV. It was awesome! I couldn't stop watching it. It is sure to be that we add to our collection for our kiddos as they grow up and want to watch more "grown up" shows.


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