Friday, November 15, 2013

Free Seeds Family Worship CD Download (No Longer Available)

I have tooted the horn of Seeds Family Worship many times and for good reason. (Read my reviews here.)  The songs are great for the whole family and the lyrics are pure Scripture.  As you learn the songs you are hiding God's Word in your heart!! 

Sweet Pea has these CD's playing in her room most days.  Makes a momma smile to hear her singing along!

And because Seeds Family Worship believes so much in getting God's Word into the heart of every family, they are giving away free downloads of the Seeds of Praise 3 until Thanksgiving.

For free you can be listening and memorizing 12 verses!

Click on this link and follow the directions to download your free copy. 

My cousin found this special Motherhood on a Dime and shared it with me. Thank you Amy!

What is your favorite Seeds Family Worship song?

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