Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blessing Ornaments: Tying the Holidays Together


One of the things I struggle this time of year is tying Thanksgiving with Christmas.  It seems we focus a little on Thanksgiving and a lot on Christmas but fail to tie the two together. 

-    fillable glass Christmas ornaments
-    crayons, markers, or pens
-    strips of paper


Throughout the Old Testament men built altars as a way to remember blessings that God provided.  For example, after coming out of the ark Noah "built an altar to the LORD and, taking some of all the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it.(Genesis 8:20)  There are several other men who build altars as well.   

While we don't build physical altars because of the blood of Jesus, I think it is important to remember those times where God "kisses" your family with blessings.  Much like the Tablecloth of Thanks, remembering the moments you could specifically see God's hand at work in the timing or specifics of the situation.   


Give each family member a small strip of paper.  Using the scripture above, discuss and reflect on the key points of the year.  Those times that God's hand was especially evident in your situation.  Then draw a picture or write about these moments you want to give thanks to God - the blessings you felt this year.

Place the pieces of paper inside the ornament to hang on your Christmas Tree. Write the year on the ornament and title "Blessings."  Every time you see the ornament remember to stop and give God thanks and remember how He is personally involved in your lives.

Continue this tradition creating a new Christmas ornament to add to the tree each year. 

Thank you to Amy at Traurigs In Training for developing the idea of the ornament.

How do you remember blessings?

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