Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Worshipping with a Special Needs Child


I love Saturday nights.  I mean I L-O-V-E, love Saturday nights.  That is the nights that I receive encouragements, strength, and have my heart refueled.  For the last thirteen years, we have attended church on Saturday night.  

But about a year ago, my eyes were opened to a different view.

Some parents view church as a place of disapproving looks and exhaustion.  And if you have a  special needs child who can't handle the volume level, amount of people, the length of time, or other aspect of church, you understand.

It breaks my heart that there are moms and dads who are unable to go to church!  A while back the What's In the Bible website shared an article written by a mom who understands the struggles.  And in the article she shares tips on "Worshipping with Special Needs Child."

Praise God that more and more churches are understanding this need and are creating one-on-one programs to help these children and thus allow the parents to worship in church. But implementing this takes time and qualified volunteers.

If you have a special needs child and haven't been able to be refreshed at church, I hope this article and the ideas on Our Out-of-Sync Life blog has encouraged you..

If you don't have a special needs child, I pray the article and this blog has provided you with insight into what these families go through and has opened your heart to bless them in whatever way God leads you.

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