Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Are You Craving?


What do you crave?

Kind of an interesting question, I must admit. defines the word "crave" as
1. To have an intense desire for. 
2. To need urgently; require.
3. To beg earnestly for; implore.
So, what do you have an intense desire for, need urgently, and beg earnestly for?

The "Sunday School" answer is to say, "God."  We crave God more than any thing else in the world.  But if we are completely honest with ourselves, most of us don't.  

According to Lisa Terkeurst, many women including herself crave food.  The desire for sweet and salty mosels to hit the mouth is more important and instantly satisfying than anything else.  Food is what she ran to when she was scared, nervous, felt rejected, and an array of other emotions. 

Lisa takes women through the emotional struggle of food in her book and group study Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food.  A friend wanted to go through this study and I happily joined her and a few other gals. We used the book, DVD, and participant's guide. 

Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food:
First, this is not a diet book.  Actually diet isn't really discussed.  This book is more about the "why" you eat.   Why did I just eat four cookies when I knew I should have stopped.  When I am depressed do I run to the pantry or run to prayer and get my "fill" from the Lord. 

I enjoyed the book.  While I can not relate to the craving of food as Lisa shares, there were areas that I found helpful.  Instead of journaling after I eat, Lisa encouraged the reader to choose what I am going to eat before I ever begin to eat. Practical help that I can use!

We also began the study using the Participant's Guide and DVD.  Honestly we didn't finish with these items.  As a group we decided that there was too much repetition using all three.  The DVD didn't add to the learning as much was a repeat of what was already written in the book.  The Participants' Guide wasn't my favorite either.  At times I felt the guide was trying to over spiritualize the issue.  As a group we decided that the questions at the end of each chapter in the book was just as good if not better.

Over all, if you struggle with using food as a comfort, I encourage you to pick up this book, grab some friends, and be prepared for what God wants to do that food will never be able to. 

As I stated, I couldn't relate to several points in this book because frankly this is not my "issue."  I have others - and lots of them as you know if you consistently read this blog.  Tomorrow, I am going to share a specific point for Made to Crave that God used to remind me of an issue that I battle.

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Being honest with yourself, do you crave food or God?

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