Monday, October 14, 2013

If Your Child Can Memorize Dora...


Daily, I receive emails and comments from friends of ABC Jesus Loves Me Preschool Curriculum and this blog.  These emails encourage me so much and I praise God for each of you who take a moment to bless me.

A few days ago I received this email from an ABCJLM user in Florida. It was what she said about Dora that made me stop and think.
I am a certified teacher in the state of Florida, and I have taught for over six years now. Since my daughter came along, we felt if was God's will (as I have always felt since I was a teenager before ever meeting my husband) for me to be home with her. She is an eager learner! Even at the age of 21 months.
However, only teaching middle and high school, I was nervous about the primary age even though it was my own child. While in the Dollar Tree one day (one of my favorite stores ;) ), I was glancing at the educational section as it is an addiction of mine. Another lady just happened (God divined) to mention your preschool curriculum website. Needless to say my interest was peeked.

A few weeks prior to this visit to my favorite store, my daughter began reciting lines from her favorite show, Dora
. It really convicted me that she wasn't reciting "Jesus Loves Me" instead. Great men of the Bible like Daniel and Moses came to mind. Their knowledge of God and who He is came from a foundation from their parents prior to them being taken from their homes. With this in my mind, I was stunned when this lady mentioned to me your website.

Although my daughter isn't quite two yet, we have begun the curriculum pulling one week in to two so as not to overwhelm her. I am so impressed and thankful for what you have created and wanted you to know what a blessing it has been to our family. I believe God is using your ministry greatly to further my baby girl as well as my husband and I. Thank you for your encouragement and efforts! God bless you! In Him, Stacy
Did you catch what she said?

My daughter began reciting lines from her favorite show, Dora. It really convicted me that she wasn't reciting "Jesus Loves Me" instead.

Our children are never too young to hear about the Bible.  They are sponges.

But, who is responsible for this?

Stacey said it so well.  Knowledge of God and who He is comes from a foundation from parents.  This echoes the key verse of this blog:
Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Deut 6:7
So when you are tempted to skip the Bible story or memory verse in the ABCJLM Curriculum or your Sunday School take home papers, think back to this post and remember, we as parents and teachers can either fill their minds with quotes from Dora or we can fill their hearts with the love of God. 

 Thank you, Stacy, for your encouragement but also for this important reminder.


  1. Totally agree! I've been thinking that too hearing my 3 year old sing kid songs word perfect. Why not play more songs with scripture or things I want her to have on hand instead of silly little kid songs that are fun yes, but won't guide her on what to do in the future. I was a kid similar to her loving to listen to songs and sing them. Even during the birth of my 3rd baby God brought a song to my mind that I had memorized very young that gave me hope and encouragement. Loving your Blog by the way. I am just learning about sensory issues. I've had them my whole life and now am seeing them in my girls. I always thought I was just some kind of nut case that couldn't control my emotions when something didn't feel right. It's amazing to find out others go through this too. I'm learning and hoping I can help my girls out of some of it before they're my age.


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