Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Deep Are You Taking a Book?


This week we have been discussing the importance of helping the child dig deeper into a story.  I think we all realize the importance of reading.  And, most realize that while reading the same book over and over again may be daunting for the adult, it is excellent for a young mind.  But, I will have to admit that up until a while ago I didn't realize that there was more to a book than the story.  I missed diving into the illustrations, allowing the child to finish rhyming words, and encouraging the child's imagination before, during, and after the story ends.

Alisha shared the following illustration on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook group
I had a professor once that described [the reading] process as "peeling an onion." You can read the words on the page of a book and nothing more and you're only teaching the child to see the peel of the onion, but as you ask more questions and dig deeper into the story/ start to peel back more layers of the onion and more learning can take place.
If you merely look at the peel of an onion, you don't really experience it....but once you start peeling deeper, you definitely experience more of that onion and more senses are awakened.  It's the same with a story; I find this true with the Bible too.
I always found "peeling an onion" to be a good analogy.  ...With my students, I always started with the simple questions first (like the peel)...who, what, when, where.  Then as you dig deeper you ask the harder questions...why and how.   Exploring motives and feelings.
I was staying on the outside of the onion with my children.  I am now learning to peel back the layers to add communication and learning. Yes, it takes more time but the rewards are huge.

We will continue to dive into this subject in the coming weeks so be sure to following this blog so you don't miss any posts.  And, if you missed the post "How to Picture Walk Through a Book," be sure to go back and read about yet another layer of the reading-onion!

Tomorrow:  Teaching Children Emotions Through a Story Characters

What are you doing to peel back more layers of the onion?

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